Mariam Omar Shares How We Can Dress Chic

We’ve all heard the term Chic, but do any of us really know what determines if something is chic or not? Simply put: chic is a vibe or an energy. It’s when the outfit you’re wearing feels effortless – when you are owning your look. So how do you step out everyday looking trés chic from head to toe? Let me pass on what I’ve learned:

1. If it doesn’t fit the way it should, then it doesn’t work

That doesn’t mean each garment you put on should fit the same, I’m just saying that it’s important to pay attention to the way it accentuates your body. Oversized can be chic, but so can a perfectly tailored jacket. Make sure each item is hanging the way you want it to so that you’re comfortable. Fidgeting with a hemline or being strangled at the bicep with a too-tight sleeve is distracting and never a good look.

2. Modest – yet – Feminine

Find that balance that works for you. We are powerful, gorgeous, and feminine women who don’t need to shove it in everyones faces (at least if you don’t want to). Find a skin to fabric ratio that works for you and keep it as a basic rule for every occasion. Setting your own boundaries with what you show off will give you a sense of empowerment!

3. It’s really just simple

Chic tends to be synonymous with simple, but it’s all relative in the end. When planning your outfit for the day, think of this rule: each piece you put on should fit together like a complete puzzle – no extra parts and no blank spaces. For me, I always think of this in terms of accessories. I don’t need to be wearing a necklace, big earring, belt, 5 rings, and chunky bracelets all at once. It’s confusing and counteractive! Instead I pick out a few items that go well with my outfit that add value to the whole look and aren’t distracting from how I want to present myself for that occasion.

4. Know your dress codes

No matter how cute your outfit is, it all goes out the window if you’re not dressed for the event. Here’s your dress code cheat sheet so you’re always trés chic wherever you go:

– Casual: Jeans and T-shirt are okay but avoid looking sloppy or messy.

– Smart Casual: Swap your jeans for trousers or add a blazer/cute jacket instead. Heels are also okay but nothing above 3 inches if it’s before 7pm.

– Smart Business: Wear a suit! It doesn’t have to be boring, so try bringing some colour and fun jewellery into the look if you think it’s appropriate

– Cocktail: The MOST fun dress code. Go for it! Wear something you find fashionable or fun and statement jewelery is always a good idea.

I wish that I could give a straight answer to what chic is, but I can tell you one thing for sure – chic is an attitude more than anything. It’s about feeling awesome in what you’re wearing and being able to take on the day with an outfit that is a metaphorical suit of armour. Anything that make you excited or feel like your best is automatically chic!

Mariam Omar

Mariam is Social Media Freelancer who studied Fashion Design in Milan. She’s passionate about decoding fashion trends and wants to help ladies make the right choices when styling their outfits to always express themselves.

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