Reem From “Life By Reem” Uncovers Her Go-To Modest Fashion Fall Trends In 2020

I love summer, and I’m sure every other person living in the Middle East has eventually come to love summer because like it or not, 3/4 of our year is summer! But that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy our fall outfits just as much! As a Modest fashion blogger, fall is my favorite time of the year, because I can finally carry out all my layering outfit dreams and not melt!

Women in the Middle East have always been super trendy and fashion forward and just because our temperatures don’t drop as low, doesn’t mean we’re going to dress any less for the fall season! 

1. The Co-ord set

Ah, the hours I’ve spent this pandemic just scrolling through websites trying to find the perfect co-ord set. For me, a good co-ord set is the chicest outfit you can wear! It’s super easy to put together and you can dress it however you like. This co-ord from Missguided is definitely going to be my winter uniform:

Knitted Cardigan Co Ord, Missguided

This Periwinkle set from Zara is sure to attract lots of questions! This color is so in right now!


Animal prints? Check. Shoulder pads? Check.

Just looking at this set is making me feel powerful! Throw on a lightweight trench coat, or a blazer and you’re set to talk business. 


2. Leather Is The New Denim

It really is for fall 2020! Almost all major designers featured leather on their runways for the F/W 2020. Midi Pleated skirts were all the rage in summer but make them in faux leather and they’re even more perfect for winter + they’re super modest:

Faux leather pleated skirt, STRADIVARIUS

This leather dress is really love at first sight, and it’s so versatile! Pair it up with some leggings and ankle boots and you’re good to go!


3 – Pantsuits

Or as I like to call them, power-suits! There’s just something so amazing about a suit, whether it’s tailored or oversized, it’s really worth investing in one. 

Kill two birds with one stone with this leather Zara blazer and pants set. 


Plaid was definitely one of the stronger prints for the F/W 2020 runways, and it always looks super chic on a blazer.

Double Breasted Plaid Blazer, Riva

4. Trench Coats

What is the best way to transition from summer to fall – trench coats! Versatile and there are so many amazing ones to pick from + they can instantly make any outfit modest!

Haven’t seen many trench coats in this color, but whenever you wear this, it’s guaranteed to steal the spotlight; and it’s great for some color blocking! 


This gunmetal grey trench coat is what you need for the ever confusing GCC weather. It’s warm enough to layer and light enough to keep you from sweltering. 

Oversized Coat

5. Statement sleeves 

We saw a plethora of puff sleeved dresses all summer and just because the weather is getting cooler doesn’t mean you need to say bye to your statement sleeves! 

This hoodie from Zara has the most amazing sleeves!


Upgrade your regular denim jacket with this oversized denim jacket with puff sleeves! 

Oversize denim jacket

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Reem Thakur

Reem is a photographer and modest fashion content creator with a love for TV shows. During her free time, Reem enjoys spending time with her daughter Nura, swimming and reading a good book. You can follow her over at her handle @lifebyreem on Instagram.

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