10 Gorgeous Nail Styles For Short Nails Trending in 2020

If you’ve got short nails but still love to ensure your nails are always on their A game, join the club. If there’s one person who can tell you how to make short nails look good, it’s me. On most days, I’m literally biting my nails (I know, horrible) so I barely if ever get to see my nails at full length. Keep scrolling for 10 gorgeous nail styles you can rock with short nails:

Dark Colors Nail Styles For Short Nails

Experts have actually suggested colors like navy blue, black and burgundy on short nails. With winter fast approaching, these colors will also be perfect for the season as most women like to wear them in the winter months.

Nail Styles For Short Nails
Photo Courtesy: Paint Box Nails

Negative Space Nails Nail Styles For Short Nails

Nail Styles For Short Nails
Photo Courtesy: Shoreditch Nails

As defined by Elle, negative space nails are nails in which your natural nail is incorporated into the nail art. You’ve got to love a good negative space design on short nails. If you ask us, they only look good on short nails!

Clear Nails With Gems / Embellishments Nail Styles For Short Nails

Nail Styles For Short Nails
Photo Courtesy: Chelsea Queen

Don’t ask why, but this nail looks go damn good on short nails. If I’m ever lucky enough to grow my nails, I would actually never wear a clear nails design on my nails.

Moon Nail Art

Nail Styles For Short Nails
Photo Courtesy: MP Nails

Playing with nail art can definitely elevate your design if you have short nails. This moon inspired look in particular does any short nails a favor – it looks absolutely gorgeous on them.

Twists on the French Manicure

Photo Courtesy: Alicia Torello

If it were up to me, only women with short nails would be able to get French manicures. (It’s not though, lol). I wish I could transport to my teens and stop myself from getting manicures on my longer nails at the time cause they just looked bad. I would always end up with my nail plates visibly apparent through the transparent white coat at the base. Ugh.

Coordinated Multicolors

Photo Courtesy: Steph Stone Nails
Photo Courtesy: Steph Stone Nails

When you can’t decide on a color, go with a set of assorted colors. Whether it’s a cool or warm gradient, Steph Stone has you covered. For some reason, we feel multicolor styles look great on shorter nails.

Go Extra and Bling it

Photo Courtesy: Nail Unistella

Okay, so this may be a little over the top. BUT you can totally take inspiration from Nail Unistella and embellish those pretty nails of yours with some bling if you’re off to a fashion event.

Gradients Baby

Photo Courtesy: Imarni Nails

Give your nail style a little depth with a gradient. We’re loving this warm red burgundy gradient as seen on Imarni nails. You can even go a step further by placing a gem in the middle as per the above reference.

Keep it Classy

Photo Courtesy: Dry By London

Going with a white base and a simple nail art may just get the job done too. It doesn’t have to be as fancy as Dry By London’s, any simple nail art over a while coat will do!

French Manicure in Reverse

Photo Courtesy: Vanity Projects

Not sure if we can call it that, but you get the gist! This is the perfect nail style for short nails and short nails only if you ask us.

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