Candle Picks To Bring Out The Cozy Feels In Your Space

If there’s one thing that’s been getting our zen on during quarantine, it’s scented candles. In this series, we’re counting down our favorite tried and tested candle scents from Bath&Body Works.

Whether you’re cozying up to a movie on your couch, or having guests over – candles are your go-to home item to create a beautiful atmosphere in your space.

Not only do scented candles diffuse a pleasant odor, but also complement your home aesthetic and are pleasing to the eye. We have narrowed down a list of our favorite candle buys below:

1. Stress Relief | Eucalyptus & Spearmint

If you ask us, this candle is your go-to for this lifetime. As its’ name suggests, this pick is perfect if you’re looking to de-stress after a long day of work.

2. Aromatherapy | Rose & Vanilla

Are you a rose fan? This candle combines Rose and Vanilla scents for a restored feeling of relaxation and connection. Made with essential oils, this pick will fill your room with a beautiful fragrance.

3. Sun Drenched Linen

Do you love the smell of cleanliness? Then this candle’s for you. This Sun-Drenched Linen candle mixes scents of cotton, crisp apple, soft musk with essential oils to give you the same feeling of a sunny, summer day. Yup, it even says so on the website!

4. Mahogany Coconut

An old time favorite, this Bath and Body Works pick mixes creamy coconut, mahograny woods and english lavender (yum!) for a classic woodsy fragrance.

5. Rose Water & Ivy

You don’t need to be a pink fan to fall in love with this one. This White Barn candle is effervescent of a rose bouquet. Mixing soft rose petal scents, rain-kissed ivy and Spring musk, lighting this baby up mentally takes you out to a beautiful garden.

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