Influencing for Change: 3 Tips on Becoming a “Positive” Influencer

Can we all agree that 2020 has placed an infinite focus on the need for more positivity in our lives? Okay, awesome. Now that that’s sorted, I guess we can move on to more important things like… how to become a positive social media influencer!

Before I get into some tips that I feel may be beneficial to becoming a positive social media influencer, I think it’s worth defining what a positive social media influencer actually is first. According to Savvy Sprout, a positive social media influencer takes to social media to make a stand about issues they believe to be important or products they find to be of significant value.

In today’s world, a positive social media influencer would ideally be making a stand with regards to issues that are affecting us. These can be issues in relation to the hardships we’ve had to endure during 2020. Think tips to tackle job loss, how we can work from home productively and more. Basically someone who’s adding value and driving positive change!

Because I categorize myself as a positivity influencer (You can check me out at @LarasHappyWork), I’ll grant myself some credibility to talk about this topic. I also manage an agency and deal with influencers on a daily basis, so I know a thing or two about this stuff! 😉

UAE Positivity Influencer
Lara Geadah (@LarasHappyWork)

So without further ado – find here 3 tips that I myself have found beneficial over the years when making the transition to becoming a positivity influencer:

1. Listen and React

One of the most important tips I could give would be to listen and listen well! What are people complaining about on social media? How are people feeling? What’s on everyone’s mind? These are questions you should be asking yourself before you create any piece of content. If people are struggling to make ends meet, and you’re out here talking about your food delivery being late – chances are you’re not moving towards being a positivity influencer. Instead you’ll want to listen, find a problem and create content around it.

2. Find Your Tribe

Find your tribe and community! Get a little more specific and define what kind of positivity influencer you’d like to be. Is it body positivity you’re passionate about? skin positivity? work positivity? Define it, and then make a selling case to yourself on why YOU fit into that group. I know it’s easier said than done, trust me. But you’ll find your niche much easier if you try this simple exercise out!

3. Solve Problems

I’ll explain this with an example. People have lately gotten extremely obsessed with being productive. We saw many bloggers talk through tips they follow to work from home and more – and it overwhelmed some of us (not me though, I’m a sucker for productivity tips). Point being, influencers who did notice their audience was fed up with productivity content created content to counter that topic – to comfort their audiences and ultimately say “it’s not a productivity contest” and that went viral. So, it’s really about listening to your followers’ problems and then curating content accordingly.

That’s it for today’s read folks! Of course the list of tips can get more extensive. If you feel like you want to talk to someone about influencer stuff, I also coach over at CAMEO – just shoot me an email over at and I’ll be sure to respond. Also, the below articles may be worth the read if you’re interested to read more about positivity:


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