Thinking of Investing in a New Couch? Here’s What You Need To Know

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You’re bored in the house and in the house bored, to quote TikTok and you’re getting tired of sitting on the same couch and looking at the same couch.

Which is why we’ve put on your best interior design detective hat to put together all the ways you can spice up your living room situation and all that’s possible.

A home, especially one’s living room is a reflection of them as a person. So, whether you’re into funky eclectic design that’s calling flower childs everywhere or mid-modern styles harkening back ala Eames, we can give you some pointers on how to breathe life into your home.

1. How often should you change your couch?

According to the average life expectancy of a couch set is 7 to 15 years. How quickly you need to replace your sofa is entirely dependent upon the quality of the construction and materials to begin with. If you’ve had your couch for a while and it gives you no lumbar support, itches or even makes creaking noises (the horror), it’s time for it to go.

2. You’ve decided to get rid of the couch, what do you do next?

Good furniture, especially furniture in great condition can be resold in order to lessen your carbon footprint. Of course, in these times, we recommend you get a thorough furniture cleaning from Urban Clap before putting it up online.

Sites like TakeMyJunkUAE.Com can take almost anything from your place at the exact time they promised you. They may also pay for some of the stuff that are still really good. Other options include Dubizzle and SecondHandDubai, alternatively, you can gift it to a friend!

3. What sort of couch are you looking for?

When looking for a new couch, it’s important to remember two things – space and aesthetic. Look for an option that will fit easily into the confines of your home and that matches or complements the rest of your furniture. You can browse possible options by browsing furniture brands on Instagram or Pinterest.

These days, inspiration is literally everywhere. We’re so lucky to have Instagram which offers us visual rabbit holes that we can dive into and find the aesthetic and the perfect couch for us. Not to mention the home interiors bloggers that bless our Instagram feeds everyday with relevant inspiration. 

4. Where should you buy your next couch from?

If you’re looking to buy your next couch online, there are plenty of home retailers that may just be the right option for you.

From Ikea to Home Centre, retailers alike are stepping up their game to ensure they’ve got the right process in place to cater to our home needs. Below, we’ve outlined some of our favourite shops to find the perfect couch. 


Having rightfully earned a name in the market for affordable, stylish designs, IKEA may be a good option for your next couch purchase. You can browse through their site and filter for features you’re particularly looking for in a couch. 

Marina Home

 If you’re willing to make a bigger investment in your next home purchase, a couch from Marina Home may be what you’re looking for. Their contemporary linen luscious sectional sure does look like a couch of dreams. With loads of room and lean-back comfort to match, this option is ideal for sofa lovers. 

Home Centre  

 With an affordable pricing of AED 1,874 and large seating capacity, this sofa has rightfully earned its status as a best seller. It features a fixed back and contrasting scatter cushions that lend it a dose of charm. Ideal for seating up to four people, this sofa comes with a chaise that’s perfect for relaxing. 


Need we remind you of JYSK, the Danish retail chain that’s been making waves in Umm Suqeim since it’s opened its’ doors around two years ago?

With loads of affordable options to choose form, you’d best find yourself a chic, comfortable couch from JYSK that won’t break the bank. 

5. You’re sick of the sight of it, but you’d feel bad giving it away. What do you do?

You don’t like it that way anymore. We get it! Well, you’ve got a couple of options there and they all revolve around pimping up your current couch to give it a refreshed look and feel. We’re talking pillows, blankets and maybe even… a new cover?

At the time of purchase, you might have gotten lucky with a couch that has an exchangeable cover.

Take the below couch from IKEA as an example – The moment this poor thing turns to mush, you can totally substitute its’ cover for another one from IKEA for a price of 400 AED to give it that renewed feel. Not too shabby for a new couch, huh?

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