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No matter how much I love my notebook and extensive stationary collection, I truly rely on the fashion apps on my phone to stay organized. Every now and then, I get confused by all the options out there or the ‘in-app purchases’ and just end up frustrated. I think 50% of my Google history reads “best apps for …” and I end up in the same vicious cycle again. So the past two weeks, I challenged myself to try out different apps, see which ones I used the most, and give you guys the definitive list of what I love for creativity, organization, and even just passing the time. These are my ride-or-die tools – each of them deserve real estate on your Home Screen.

The social media all-in-one: Canva Fashion Apps

Canva App
Canva App

If you haven’t tried out Canva yet, then have you been living under a rock? From the perfect Insta stories to harmonious (pre-scheduled) posts, there is nothing better when it comes to a social media app. As a fashion writer and freelancer, I keep all the different brands’ colour palettes, logos, fonts, and layouts pre-planned which makes it super easy to push out content at a moment’s notice. Some of the features I mentioned are included in the paid subscription, but if you don’t want to invest then don’t worry. The free version of the app is still extensive and great if you’re a novice or small business. Seriously guys, this app does it all – if you don’t take my word for it then just try Googling “Canva tutorial” and you’ll be sold.

For those who love lists: Magnetic

This may not be for everyone, but if you make about a hundred different lists of things you need to do – then you’re exactly like me. Working in fashion can get a little overwhelming at times too, so you’ll need this. Magnetic is basically multiple lists that are colour coordinated. You can schedule tasks for certain days and get an overview of each day on the app or in a widget (yay for iOS widgets!). I never loose track of what I have to do and I think this app actually made me better at being realistic about how much I can get done in a day. I can’t recommend this enough!

The Fashion Designer’s Tool Kit: Pantone Studio, Pinterest, and Adobe Comp

I use these three apps every time I put together a mood board, portfolio page, or tech pack. Gather your inspo on Pinterest (you all know about this gem already), pull out a great colour pallet with Pantone Studio (you have all the colour codes ready to go for graphic design), and easily put together beautiful layouts on Adobe Comp. All are free and extremely user friendly.

Pro tip: you can save custom canvas sizes and colour pallets onto Adobe Comp which makes starting new projects easy. I prefer using my iPad when it comes to these, but it’s just as easy for me to edit on my phone whenever I’m on the go.

When you need to find your ZEN: Bloom Fashion Apps

Bloom App
Bloom App

I’m the first person to say that meditation has changed the game when it comes to lowering my anxiety on a daily basis. But getting to the root cause? Bloom is the first app that has really given me food for thought. The basic principle is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CGB) which this app makes accessible to anyone who logs on. I do the (free) 15 min session everyday that consists of mini journaling prompts based on how your mood is that day and a quick meditation to close. Unlike a regular meditation, this app focuses on what I need that day – it’s quick and mood changing. An app can never replace mental health services, but this one comes closer than most especially with a hectic schedule like mine juggling multiple fashion clients.

Playing dress-up, but make it high fashion: Drest Fashion Apps

Drest App
Drest App

Created by Lucy Yeomans (former Editor in Chief of Harper’s Bazaar UK), Drest is a luxury styling game that is filled with all your favorite pieces, straight off the runway. It’s a guilty pleasure game that is definitely the future of online luxury shopping. Submit your styling genius based on fashion shoot briefs to win coins and buy more and more and more ‘it’ pieces for your virtual wardrobe. The model choices are diverse, the clothing and accessories are infinite, and it’s just really fun. If you’re into fashion – download this, make a cup of tea, and go at it!

In a world where everything is virtual, it’s important to make the tech work for us instead of letting it dictate our days and moods. Our phones, laptops, and tablets are all tools – so let’s stop looking at them as lifelines. The best tech tip that I can give you is to put it all away each evening and get some quiet time – or at least turn on night mode!

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