Your Beau Would Give You a Free Pass If You Ever Met Any of These Hot Netflix Actors

I’m pretty movie obsessed and with that of course comes, plenty of crushes on hot Netflix actors. Needless to say, my first ever guy crush was Harry Potter. My second was Lucas Scott, from One Tree Hill. I even had a Nathan Scott phase. But times have changed quite a bit since then, and I’m currently obsessing over these 5 actors:

Disclaimer: My taste may differ from yours. I don’t like your typical perfectly groomed guys. Most of these girl crushes I actually love because of yes, their sex appeal but also their spectacular acting. So without further ado, keep scrolling for my take on the hottest Netflix actors, ever:

Jake Gyllenhaal hot Netflix actors

Jake Gyllenhaal is by far my number one actor. I love how he plays such diverse roles – and acts so well in every one of them. I think my obsession with Jake started when I saw him in “Love and Other Drugs” – it was fate since then.

Ryan Gosling hot Netflix actors

Again, an impeccably talented actor. He plays such diverse roles and all so well! He can go from playing the driven and self-motivated attorney with a southern accent who got by by writing papers for kids on the Internet in Fracture (By the way, one of my favorite thriller movies) to the completely unambitious hopeless-romantic high-school drop out working for a moving company in Brooklyn in “Blue Valentine” and still play the part!

Adam Driver hot Netflix actors

hot Netflix actors

I’ve seen Adam play two roles so well and they were both with him as a husband. He’s just such husband material, isn’t he? It’s his height for me. I loved watching him in Marriage Story and more recently, Patterson – a movie I actually resonated with so much.

Leonardi Dicaprio

hot Netflix actors

Do I even still to explain why I love Leonardo Dicaprio? I mean, he’s just so yum. We simply cannot be friends if you don’t include him in your hot Netflix actors list. Let’s leave it at that!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

It’s his performance in Snowden for me. For some reason, I love your typical nerdy guy. Glasses, whit and social awkwardness (with limits of course). But I always have!

hot Netflix actors

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